Monday, March 23, 2009

Wood powered BMW R75

Wood fueledBMW R75
created by Ed Cissel, Alex Greaney and Zack and team Vajra Granelli, George Lipp,David Buckley, and Drew Baggs. Built for the race:"Escape from Berkeley" by any means necessary non petroleum vehicles only. The race took place November 11 2009 construction of the bike started September 9. Our team "The Blue Flame Club". built a wood burning motorcycle powered through gasification. the modifications were made with mostly recycled parts and common hardware store supplies mounted to a sidecar frame.

Motorized bicycle built for fun.
Board tracker inspired chopper bike.
Used a few vintage and repro parts
also rewired the headlamp from an old carriage.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friend of mine had a nice VW Caddy, with a full custom system. So for his birthday, I got to work on the sewing machine and came up with the crossed bats and brass knuckles (logo from a car club D.C.I.) on black perforated leather.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The portrait broke. Not wanting to repeat the project, I strung the vials together with wire in a forty foot length wrapped into a two foot diameter spiral Placed onto a steel ring on a pulley system from the ceiling.

Vial Pixels portrait

pixel profile
you are my friend, no?

Glass Vial Pixel Portrait

pixel portrait
Created with around eight hundred vials of 10 varying shades of green. And encased in a recycled window frame.

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